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Feb 27,2022

Top Tips To Create Your Own Socks Design | Pet Face Socks

Customized printed socks are made for you. You will select a pair of socks that fits most foot sizes, but you will also be able to have a main point in the designs of your customized socks. For example, you will be able to choose:

  • The unique properties of the sock
  • The design and patterns
  • The color options
  • The sock fashionable style and design that fits your usage needs the best

With the help of a design team, you’ll design your own printed desire socks, which empowers you to have socks on your feet that no one else has worn. 


When customers are selecting our service, they’re opting for many socks are:

  • Comfort is offered through our unique and full comfortable materials for customized socks, which include polyester, cotton etc. Our combination of materials allows for long-lasting comfort and durability in your feet.
  • Style is important in this trendy and fashionable world, and the socks we offer come in multiple options, including traditional, ankle, dress, athletic, knee-length and many more.


You can customized your own printed socks to have a reliable pair of socks ready for your next adventure, whether that means a wedding, game test match, or something else.

Top Tips To Create Your Own Socks Design

There is a good chance that this is your first time designing your very desirable printed socks. However, if you have had customized socks made in the past, It is important to know a few points that will help the designer team to create the perfect pair of socks for the customers.


A few of the points that we recommend for helping our team to create the perfect custom printed socks are:


Select Your Favorite Colors

Color is the first thing that catches the eye's attention when looking at a cute pair of socks. You have to choose a color that you like and prefer. Thankfully, there are no wrong or right choices here. Instead, choose more colors that work well together.


Add Your Company Logo or Images/Taglines

Socks do not need to be plain either. You can also upload a company logo or image that you would like added to the socks. For example, teams often add their team logo with team colors.

You’ll want to upload a logo or design that you like and see if the design team can accommodate your design needs.


Choose Your Style

Most people often ignore sock styles and patterns. When you order from our website, you’ll often choose regular or ankle socks. However, there are a lot of custom sock styles to choose from that will make the main difference in your overall comfort.

Make An Order allows you to design your own desirable socks patterns and colors with the help of a professional designer team. You can simply upload your business logo or an image, choose a few color options and sit back and wait for our team to send.